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Weddings are a great celebration and what better way to celebrate the beginning of the rest of your life with your partner than by helping to support a cause that will give someone else a chance to live the rest of their life?! Breast Wedding Ever! was created to raise awareness and money for some great organizations, which are making incredible strides to not only find a cure for breast cancer, but also to help those whose lives have been affected by it as well.

The founders of this website, Erika Hengst and Sean Sullivan, are getting married in May 2013 and they created this charity because they did not want their marital status to be the only change that came from their big day. The following is a message from the couple about why they created Breast Wedding Ever! and what their goals are for the charity going forward. Also, here’s a link to their profile page.


A Message From Erika And Sean


We’re Erika & Sean and we are getting married in May of this year. One night in September of 2012 we were at dinner discussing our wedding plans. After discussing color palates, design concepts and music, we soon found ourselves discussing a topic that can all-too-often lead to disagreements (it’s true – ask any couple)… the guest list! Instead of debating which friends would make the cut, the discussion turned to Erika’s grandmother, who had died from breast cancer almost a decade ago and how much she would have loved Sean if she were still here today. Additionally Sean lost a young and amazing family member to another form of cancer. Unfortunately he didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to him, this is something that still bothers him deeply to this day.

Both of our families and many of our close friends have been affected by breast cancer, it’s unfortunately something millions of other families share in common as well.

After some brief brainstorming, we realized that not everyone would end up donating to what we felt was a great breast cancer charity. Unfortunately, in our research, we found that some of the largest and most well-known breast cancer organizations are all too often the ones where only a small percentage of the money donated actually goes to fighting the for cause. If we were going to sacrifice wedding gifts and money and ask others to do the same, we wanted to make sure that as much of those funds actually made its way to paying for research and treatment programs.

So how does Breast Wedding Ever! work?

Simple, it allows couples to create their own profile that announces their wedding and asks their guests to make a charitable donation in their name, as a wedding gift. You can ask your guests to donate a percentage of the gift or the entire gift. It’s totally up to you!

We have decided to ask our guests to donate 100% for our wedding.
We know that not everyone can afford to give up all of their wedding gifts, because the cash gifts are often used to pay for the wedding itself. In all honesty, both of us have significant student and business debt and we could definitely put that money to good use, but with that being said, we felt that if we were going to be the founders of this charity and wanted our passion to fight against breast cancer to be contagious, we needed to lead by example and sacrifice the serving trays, candlesticks, decorative clocks and more importantly, cold hard cash.

Why Breast Wedding Ever! ?

A wedding is not only a celebration of two individuals’ commitment to one another, but also a celebration of life, love, family and friends! We wanted to create a charity that would not only encourage other couples to use their happy day to fight against breast cancer, but it was also very important that the charity be able to operate without using any of the donated funds. Thankfully, with Breast Wedding Ever! we are able to accomplish both of those goals!

So Who Pays To Keep Breast Wedding In Operation?

All of the operating costs associated with the development and continued operation of Breast Wedding Ever! are paid for by Erika and Sean personally and not by donations.
This means that at Breast Wedding Ever! 100% of the money that is donated goes directly to the organizations that we support. In fact, our organization never even takes possession of the funds, because the charitable donations are sent directly from you to the organizations that we support. Here’s a link to letters that we have from the organizations confirming that we are working direct with them and that 100% of the donated funds go to each organization. Organization Letters


Do My Guests Get Anything To Present To Us?

Yes! We provide your guests with an easy way to donate in honor of your wedding, but also give them  a cute certificate after the donation is made that can easily be printed and placed within a standard sized greeting card. An example of which is below.


We sincerely hope that our passion for change and the spirit of giving spreads to many other couples around the world.  Almost 2.5 million couples get married in the United States every year. If just 10% of those couples participated by asking their guests to donate as little as 10% of the dollar value of their gifts through Breast Wedding Ever!, hundreds of millions of dollars would find its way to some very deserving organizations. Do you want to see how we calculated the math on that figure? Click Here.

We want to note that our site is 100% secure and we do not collect any personal or financial data from you. Your donations are made directly to the organizations that we support. Couples that sign up with Breast Wedding Ever! will not be contacted by any third parties. We do not share, rent or sell your contact information with anyone.

The charities that Breast Wedding Ever! supports are aware of our mission statement and consent to our involvement. In fact in the coming weeks you will be able to read about what they think about Breast Wedding Ever! from them direct.

We are going to be adding a lot of new features to the site in the coming months that will make Breast Wedding Ever! more social and an even better experience for our couples and supporters.

We appreciate your comments and suggestions and invite you to write to us using the contact form below. If you have a moment please Like us on Facebook. Your support is really appreciated.

You might have some more questions that haven’t been answered yet, so if that’s the case head over the FAQ section.

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